Food Trucks in Creedmoor, NC

Discover the hidden culinary gems of Creedmoor, NC, where a small but dynamic food truck scene brings a burst of flavor to this charming town. Despite its size, Creedmoor's mobile kitchens offer a delightful variety of savory and sweet creations on wheels. Immerse yourself in the local gastronomic charm as you explore these hidden treasures. Whether you're a local resident or a passing food enthusiast, Creedmoor's intimate food truck community promises a delectable journey through the heart of North Carolina's unique and delicious street food offerings.

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Smoking Aces BBQ is a competition, catering, and food truck team based out of Creedmoor, North Carolina.
We have earned multiple top ten finishes in the pro BBQ competition world as well as multiple Grand Champion awards in local cook-offs.
Our passion is cooking award winning BBQ!

Where Good Food, Family, Friends and Meet. Serving Fried Fish, Scallops, Shrimp, Oysters, Chicken as well as Oyster Po Boys, Shrimp Po Boys, Shrimp-n-Grits.

My name is Anthony Greenup and I was born & raised in Baton Rouge, LA. After
my nine year professional basketball career with the World Renowned Harlem
Globetrotters, I decided to pursue my other dream of owning my own food
Baton Rouge Cuisine is family-owned and operated food truck in the triangle
area (North Carolina). Our food is cooked using local produce and fresh
ingredients. We cook items from gumbo to boudin to etouffe!
I strive to leave every customer with not only a full stomach but smile. Hope
to meet you soon!