Food Trucks in Cudahy, CA

Discover Cudahy, CA's culinary treasures in its cozy food truck scene. Despite its size, this town boasts a delightful array of mobile kitchens offering diverse flavors, from savory delights to sweet surprises. Experience the richness of Cudahy's intimate food truck culture, where every bite tells a unique local story.

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Kono Pizza LA is revolutionizing pizza slice by slice. Or should we say, cone by cone. This food truck is putting all the authentic ingredients, seasonings and flavors into an easier to eat form: the cone, redefining street food for the better.
At Kono Pizza LA, you're getting authentic Italian pizza in the most inauthentic of ways. Which is anything but a bad thing. Rolled up to fit perfectly in your hand, get this doughy goodness stuffed with all your favorite and classic pizza toppings. From marinara and cheese to meatier portions of meatballs, bacon, ham, pepperoni and sausage, there's a whole lot to sink your teeth into.