Food Trucks in Cumberland, RI

Cumberland, RI's food truck scene is a hidden gem, offering a diverse array of culinary delights on wheels. From savory barbecue to artisanal tacos, these mobile eateries bring a world of flavors to this quaint town. Explore Cumberland's food truck offerings for a delicious dining experience on the go.

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Cumberland, RI 02864
United States

Kona Ice is a one of a kind experience that serves a premium tropical shaved ice; the finest icy treat on the planet. This is NOT your typical lack-luster snow cone. Our flavors are bold & delicious... like nothing you've ever had! Our Flavorwave makes us unlike any one else because you can add as much flavor as you desire or as many combinations as you need! We offer over 40 flavors! Our Bose sound system allows us to play tropical music so you can dance while enjoying your Kona. We do schools, fundraisers, sports, daycares, workplaces, events, and parties.