Food Trucks in Erie, PA

Discover the vibrant world of food trucks in Erie, PA, through our carefully curated guide. Navigate the streets with confidence, savoring diverse and delectable offerings from local favorites. Unearth hidden culinary treasures with our expert recommendations, ensuring every food truck rendezvous is a flavor-packed delight. Elevate your dining experiences with our comprehensive Erie food truck directory, providing a roadmap to the city's most enticing mobile eateries.

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The grilled-cheesiest food truck in Erie, PA. Come visit us!

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    Bringing high end cuisine to handhelds

    We aim to provide high quality delicious sammiches to our customers with fresh ingredients and great service from a clean, well maintained environment while becoming part of the community in showing care and respect to each of our guests.

    Breakfast, lunch and late night as well as private events

    Powered by The Whole Foods Cooperative. Same Values. Same community minded goals.

    Food concessions at your location.