Food Trucks in Fargo, ND

Fargo's food truck scene invites you to explore a curated culinary adventure. Despite a limited number of listings, each mobile kitchen promises diverse flavors, from local delights to global inspirations. Embark on a street dining journey, savoring unique offerings from these vibrant culinary hubs. In Fargo, every bite is a carefully crafted delight, redefining the city's culinary landscape with a personalized touch for those seeking a distinctive and flavorful experience.

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Mexican Family Foodtruck from Mexico City, specializing in Mexican AUTHENTIC street food. HANDMADE Tortillas! 

Specializing in hand tossed pizzas and other great foods.

Serving huge East Coast style deli sandwiches. We cater!

Pitmaster/Owner Pete has spent the past decade perfecting the art and science of smoking meats.  The secret to Pete's smoking success is his custom made, reverse-flow wood fired smoker.  The slow and even heat bring out the best in Pete's secret blend of spices that will make your mouth water.  The rubs are unique to each meat that Pete smokes.

Serving great comfort food daily to people in Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo.  Our menu starts with our famous Sloppy Joes.  Choose from original, jalapeño and bacon.  Also serving hotdogs, coney dogs, Sloppy Spuds, Mac 'n' Joe, and Sloppy Nachos.

Peddling hot dogs and sausages on the streets.