Food Trucks in Framingham, MA

Experience the diverse flavors of Framingham, MA, within its cozy food truck scene. Despite its size, this town hosts a delightful variety of mobile kitchens offering unique and delectable experiences. From local classics to inventive bites, Framingham's small yet lively food trucks promise a flavorful journey for residents and curious visitors alike.

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We serve a huge selection of grilled Kayem Old Tyme and 1/4lb all beef Pearl franks on buttered grilled rolls from our fixed location at 160 Speen St in Framingham, MA. We also serve 1/3lb burgers, hot or sweet Italian sausages, and much more. We are easy to get to near the Speen St/Rt30 intersection, just off the Mass Pike (Natick exit) and feet from the Cochituate Rail Trail. Normal hours are 11am-3pm Wednesday-Saturday. Cash/cards/mobile payments accepted.