Food Trucks in Harrison, NY

Explore Harrison, NY's small yet vibrant food truck scene, where size is no match for flavor. From savory delights to sweet indulgences, these mobile kitchens deliver a diverse array of culinary treasures. Uncover the hidden gems on wheels, making Harrison's food truck experience a delightful local secret worth discovering.

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New England's Finest Lobster is rolling up in Westchester County and Nassau County, serving up a pinch of goodness from the ocean. Choose your crustacean from lobster to crab to shrimp, each served in a time-honored style: chilled with a signature mayo blend on a New England bun. Need a break from tradition? Sample our finest lobster in mac and cheese, on a grilled cheese sandwich, or in a taco. However you like your lobster, you'll soon find no better place to taste it than the appropriately named... New England's Finest Lobster!