Food Trucks in Harrisonburg, VA

Savor the culinary delights of Harrisonburg, VA, within its petite yet vibrant food truck scene. Despite its size, Harrisonburg's mobile kitchens offer a delightful spectrum of flavors, seamlessly blending local ingredients with global inspirations. Perfect for both residents and visitors, the town's modest food truck community promises a unique taste of Virginia's gastronomic creativity on the move. From savory bites to sweet indulgences, explore Harrisonburg's streets for an authentic and satisfying on-the-go culinary adventure, capturing the essence of this charming Shenandoah Valley city.

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About Branch's Soft Serve Ice Cream!
Grand Opening!
Date: April 9, 2021
Time: 12 PM 
Location: Downtown Harrisonburg, VA next to Jack Brown's 
It's the little Orange Ice Cream Truck in the parking lot. 
You can't miss it! 
See ya there! 
Branch's Soft Serve Ice Cream is a mobile ice cream truck specializing in premium custom ice cream desserts not sold at other ice cream shops. We use high-quality ingredients taking trend-worthy frozen desserts to the next level of flavor. Discover what you been craving by awakening your taste buds to real ice cream perfection! 

Pullled pork, ribs, & smoked chicken quarters prepared fresh daily. Available as a meal with sides & drink or by the pound and 1/2 & full racks! Located on Rt 11 North in Harrisonburg Wed-Sat & Tractor Supply on 33 East in Harrisonburg on Tues.

Hey, folks! Welcome to Strite’s Donuts, the best donuts ever made!