Food Trucks in Indianola, IA

Savor the hidden culinary treasures of Indianola, IA, where a small but vibrant food truck scene adds flavor to this charming town. Despite its size, Indianola offers a delightful array of local and diverse bites on wheels. From savory sensations to sweet indulgences, the town's compact food trucks promise a big taste adventure.

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100 Year old recipes with a fat, modern twist!

The Outside Scoop is a full service food truck that provides high quality desserts, fast service and a pleasant mobile dining experience for people throughout central Iowa. We are known for our homemade ice cream and sundaes. Keep an eye out all over the Des Moines Metro and surrounding areas as we scoop up delicious creams in our BIG PINK TRUCK!
We will go the distance!  Our truck books for a range of events from, birthdays, weddings, graduations, business gatherings, music festivals, and neighborhood parties.  Lets be honest,  we want to be where you are making your ice cream dreams come true, and satisfying those tingling tastebuds.