Food Trucks in Jacksonville, NC

Jacksonville, NC's food truck extravaganza is a culinary salute, blending coastal charm with diverse flavors. From sizzling shrimp tacos to inventive twists on classic Southern favorites, these mobile kitchens redefine seaside dining. Roam the streets to discover a dynamic array of tastes, where local ingredients meet global inspiration. Whether you crave traditional Southern coastal comfort or bold, creative dishes, Jacksonville's food trucks promise a delectable journey through an evolving culinary landscape. Embark on a flavorful adventure in this coastal North Carolina city.

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We specialize in "Florida Style Cajun Seafood". Our specialty is our signature Garlic Crabs and Shrimp!!!

We design, dip, and create custom apple for all occasions and more.

Serving Virgin Islands, Puerto Rican & Caribbean foods such as curry chicken, curry goat, jerk chicken, oxtails, empanadas. Festivals, catering

We are a MFT a mobile food truck. We sell and cater Latin food for festivals and special occassions.
We hope you come out soon and try the great food from our food truck.

Our page is to help us stay in touch with our customers. We want to show our daily location, show our menu, and get feedback from our customer base.