Food Trucks in Kissimmee, FL

Delight in Kissimmee, FL's hidden culinary gems with its intimate yet vibrant food truck scene. Despite its size, Kissimmee's mobile kitchens serve up a diverse array of flavors, from local favorites to global inspirations. Whether you're a resident or a visitor exploring Central Florida, the town's small but dynamic food truck community provides a unique taste of the Sunshine State's gastronomic creativity on the go. From savory treats to sweet delights, traverse Kissimmee's streets for a satisfying on-the-go culinary adventure.

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Lick your lips after our Chicken Strips! We also offer delicious Chicken Sandwiches. Come visit us!

 We are the place to go for mouth-watering Lechon ha la vara and Pollo Asado - Also try our Empanadillas, Alcapurrias, and more!

Come see us soon!

FREEZE YOUR BRAIN Shave Ice serves an authentic “Hawaiian Style” shave ice frozen dessert with a 5 Star guest experience. We use a true block ice shaver to produce the softest, fluffiest snow. We then pour up to 4 of the highest quality flavor syrups of your choice over the snow with endless combinations! Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream can be added in the center of your shave ice and finally toppers like sweetened condensed milk can be added to the top. It’s a melt in your mouth explosion of YUMMMM that Central Florida has been waiting for!

Welcome to KONA ICE Celebration! We’re serving delicious, one of a kind, unique & exotic tasting tropical shaved ice throughout South West Orlando and Western Kissimmee. We’re here to help you celebrate all the good things life has to offer. When people hear our tropical steel drum music, they know something great is about to happen! We look forward to hearing from you. Ellen & Shawn Smith