Food Trucks in Lawrence, KS

Lawrence, KS, pulses with food truck vibrancy, and our guide opens the door to a world of culinary delight. Navigate the streets with confidence, exploring diverse flavors and unique offerings. From savory bites to sweet indulgences, our curated listings ensure you experience the best of Lawrence's dynamic food truck scene. Let our guide lead you to gastronomic adventures, making every on-the-go meal a memorable experience in this lively city.

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The Mad Greek Restaurant in Lawrence Kansas, is now also on wheels!

Using high quality ingredients, unique menus, individualized concepts, and competitive pricing, our goal is to complement and exceed our clients vision.

Kansas City's wandering accessories truck.

Come see us soon!

Kansas City's Hottest Mobile Food Truck! We feature an all American menu with cultural twist!

Latin American Cuisine. Authentic cuisine made from traditional recipes with fresh ingredients.