Food Trucks in Lawrenceville, GA

Explore the variety of food trucks, trailers, carts and stands that call Lawrenceville, GA their home base. We hope this list helps you discover the many tasty options available in Lawrenceville.

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Serving tropical shaved ice from the most unique entertainment vehicle you'll ever see! Who knew a shaved ice truck could be so fun? Our one of a kind experience will bring the party to you!Kona Ice brings the excitement wherever you are! SCHOOLS: KONA can help you raise extra money for whatever you need. THE BALL PARK: Fans and players love KONA Ice at practice, games and tournaments. Team up with KONA all season long and earn CASH BACK for your team. KONA goes to SCHOOLS and DAYCARES for field days, games, events. KONA offers the quickest method to give smiles to employess for BUSINESSES.

Kona Ice is mobile, so we bring the party to you! Whether you are looking for FUN or FUNdraising, Kona Ice is ready to delight your guests!

SOUTHERN wit a ZANG! Professional Chef that prepares all sauces and seasonings from scratch. I operate in a fully equipped custom built commerical kitchen food trailer. I specialize in Southern cuisines mixed with other culture's flavors. The main focus is to make your palate go CRAZZZYYY! I serve Phillies, Catfish, Wings, Burgers, Fried BBQ Ribs, Fried Corn on Cob, Seafood dishes, Steak and whatever a customer requests. I offer services for catering, private parties, events, church functions, fundraisers and all.

Snowie Days Shaved Ice, LLC is a family owned and operated company serving Gwinnnett, Hall, Forsyth and Walton Counties. 
We look forward to serving you!