Food Trucks in Lowell, MA

Discover the culinary treasures of Lowell, MA, where a modest yet dynamic food truck scene is crafting big flavors. Despite its size, Lowell's mobile kitchens deliver a diverse array of delights, from artisanal tacos to gourmet desserts. Immerse yourself in this intimate community where curbside dining transforms into a delectable journey. Explore Lowell's hidden culinary gems on wheels, showcasing the city's commitment to diverse and satisfying street cuisine in a charming and compact food truck landscape.

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We serve 100% Plant-based/vegan eats. Our food is handmade, and served out of a vintage electric powered trailer. We have a rotating menu of wraps, buddha bowls, veggie burgers, soups, and other delicious and healthy plant-powered foods. Check out our website and Facebook page for a current menu!

Empanada Dada food truck is based out of Lowell, MA and can be found at local farmer's markets, fairs, festivals around Eastern MA and Southern NH. Our menu showcases a delectable variety of Empanadas that will keep you coming back.  We take empanadas to the next level with our falvorfull   fillings.

Mediterranean Halal food truck
 We offer an extensive menu with local fresh ingredients good price
Come out and visit us soon.