Food Trucks in Mechanicsburg, PA

Explore the culinary charm of Mechanicsburg, PA's cozy food truck enclave! From savory bites to sweet surprises, discover the diverse offerings of these pocket-sized mobile kitchens. Uncover local gems as these small-scale food trucks roll into Mechanicsburg, delivering unique flavors and creating a delightful dining experience for every palate.

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We are your neighborhood Caterer, cooking all of your favorite dishes with a hip new spin on traditional cuisine. Using fresh ingredients with a side of rock ‘n roll, we make authentic food with love and passion. Choose Bala Saahas for your next event & enjoy a wonderful meal that will make life-long memories.

We provide the freshest crabs you can get in central PA; Live & Steamed!

Thoughtfully crafted gorumet burgers and fries. 

Enjoy delicious Greek cuisine without all the fuss of going to a restaurant. Find all your favorite dishes and more on our food truck.