Food Trucks in Meridian, ID

Meridian, ID, serves up a vibrant food truck culture, and our guide unlocks the city's mobile culinary treasures. From gourmet sliders to artisanal ice cream, explore diverse flavors on wheels. Navigate Meridian's streets with our curated listings, ensuring you savor the best of the food truck scene. Embark on a culinary adventure, discovering delicious bites at every turn. Let our guide be your roadmap to the exciting and delicious world of Meridian's food trucks!

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The name says it all! Sugar Wagon is everything sweet...on wheels.

Specialty Craft Hotdogs and Sausages served with Biker flair and a side of edginess.

Machu Picchu Peruvian Food Truck offering a variety of Peruvian foods and don't forget to try our tasty Pollo a la Brasa.

Come see us soon!

Mexican tacos, quesadillas, burritos, tortas, fruit cups and corn on the cob (elotes y fruta con sal, Limon y chile) la especial ideas tortas Ahogadas.

A unique and fun spin on a food we all love, pizza! We offer various different flavors of cone-shaped pizzas and desserts. Come visit our food cart at one of our upcoming events!