Food Trucks in Northborough, MA

Northborough, MA's petite food truck scene is a hidden culinary treasure! Embark on a flavor-filled journey with diverse bites on wheels, from savory sensations to sweet indulgences. Each food truck stop promises a unique and delectable experience, making Northborough a must-visit for local flavor enthusiasts seeking delightful discoveries.

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The Social Mobile Tavern is both a high end cocktail bar as well as a full service kitchen on wheels.

Sir Loin Catering is a Destination Caterer in business for 20 years. We have just completed our "Local Fresh" Food Bus excelling in local flavors and product. The design of the mobile kitchen does Not limit our capabilities, but only enhances them. Wether you are looking for a Slider menu, or Tacos, or slow smoked Beef Brisket, or Lobster/ Crab, Turkey/ Sirloin tips, ...? Let your imagination set you free!