Food Trucks in Oxford, MI

Delight in the culinary surprises of Oxford, MI, where a small yet dynamic food truck scene adds a flavorful twist to local dining. Despite its size, Oxford's mobile kitchens offer a diverse array of delicious treats, from savory street eats to artisanal sweets. Immerse yourself in this tight-knit community, where curbside dining transforms into a memorable gastronomic journey. Explore Oxford's hidden gems on wheels, spotlighting the city's dedication to diverse and satisfying street cuisine in an intimate and inviting food truck landscape.

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Maui Wowi of Royal Oak offers rich Hawaiian coffees and delicious smoothies, each with a distinctive Island flavor and character. You simply have to try them to be carried away to your tropical paradise.

Serving up mini donuts and handcrafted drinks. Located in Oxford, MI

Bavarian Food Truck and Catering. Inspired by Oma's best recipes.