Food Trucks in Oxnard, CA

Oxnard, CA's food truck tapestry unfolds as a coastal symphony of flavors, blending fresh Pacific bounty with culinary innovation. From seafood tacos to inventive fusion creations, these mobile kitchens redefine seaside dining. Wander the city's streets to discover a vibrant array of tastes, where local ingredients and global inspirations converge. Whether you crave classic coastal cuisine or bold, creative dishes, Oxnard's food trucks promise a delectable journey through a dynamic and evolving culinary landscape. Embark on a flavorful adventure on California's Central Coast.

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Mas que un estilo, un Sabor!!!
More than a style, a flavor!!!

Come see us soon!

California's only shrimp truck! We hope you come out soon and try the great food from our food truck.

It's In The Sauce BBQ has been in business since the late 80s and all of our recipes are based on our parent's old Texas recipes with a California twist!