Food Trucks in Pacific, WA

Explore Pacific, WA's hidden culinary treasures in its cozy food truck community! Indulge in a tantalizing array of flavors, blending local ingredients with global inspirations. From savory street eats to sweet treats, experience the delicious diversity and friendly atmosphere of Pacific's intimate food truck scene, where every bite is a delight.

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Imagine soft sweet bread or a 12 inch Tortilla perfectly toasted with a cream cheese blend spread on both side of the bun. The first layer is 2 fried eggs with shredded cheese in between, the 2nd layer is your choice of meat (short rib steak, spam, langonisa patty, hotlinks), and the third layer is a deep fried hash brown topped off with a tomato based secret sauce.
Big Boy’s Filipino food Truck was started by Nate Daep and Melanie Querubin in September 2012. Their mission is to serve and bring people together using their sense of Filipino cuisine in a unique and flavorful way. Not only will your stomach be satisfied but we assure you that every bite will enable an experience from every island of the Philippines. On behalf of Big Boy’s we would like to thank you for supporting our food truck movement. Many blessings to you.