Food Trucks in Parkersburg, WV

Savor the culinary delights of Parkersburg, WV, within its cozy and thriving food truck community. Despite its size, this town boasts a delightful array of mobile kitchens, delivering a rich blend of local favorites and international flavors. Immerse yourself in the intimate world of Parkersburg's small-town food truck culture, where every bite is a flavorful adventure.

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From the backwoods of the Carolinas, to the meat markets of Texas, to the hole-in-the-walls of Memphis, Q-BBQ was inspired by authentic barbeque traditions from across the country. Our smoked meats are cooked low and slow for up to 22 hours. Our sauces are homemade and our sides are from-scratch. But our flavors are far from ordinary. We’re taking America's original comfort food and adding our own signature style. Q-Style...we hope you’re ready for awesome.