Food Trucks in Potomac, MT

Embark on a culinary adventure in Potomac, MT, where a charming but limited food truck scene offers a taste of local delights. From rustic favorites to creative fusions, explore the unique flavors that define this intimate community. Potomac's small yet captivating food truck lineup promises a delightful gastronomic experience for discerning palates.

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The Copper Cliff Cafe is a mobile food trailer which is perfectly paired with The Balsamroot Catering Company, LLC. The Copper Cliff Cafe operates from May to October. 
We are a small food truck with great big food ideas. Our food is organic, made from scratch, wicked good and most of all we have fun serving you! We are located in Potomac, MT in the woods, on top of a ridge with great views and delicious food. We serve fabulous dinners on Thursday evenings along with breakfast on highway 200 near mm 19 on Saturday’s. Stay tuned we are gathering a few more locations for the 2021 season. See you all soon!