Food Trucks in Rochester, MN

Rochester, MN's food truck panorama is a culinary expedition, fusing Midwestern warmth with a diverse range of flavors. From mouthwatering Midwest BBQ to inventive twists on local favorites, these mobile kitchens redefine urban dining. Wander the streets to discover a dynamic array of tastes, where local ingredients meet global inspiration. Whether you crave traditional Midwestern comfort or bold, creative dishes, Rochester's food trucks promise a delectable journey through an evolving culinary landscape. Embark on a flavorful adventure in this lively Minnesota city.

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Mike Thompson and Brenda Janvrin created the team after Mike gained a passion for smoking BBQ in 2013 and thus the adventures began

The Duck Truck is on the move and can be found all over Southeast Minnesota serving up your favorite Bleu Duck Kitchen creations.

Check us out to find where we are, what times we're open and what pizzas we're cooking up!

The Back Alley Kitchen is a food truck which serves southeast part of Minnesota. We also will be present daily in downtown Rochester, MN.