Food Trucks in Salome, AZ

Explore Salome, AZ's intimate food truck landscape, where local flavors shine in compact kitchens. Despite its size, these mobile gems offer a diverse culinary adventure, from savory bites to sweet indulgences. Uncover the hidden treasures in this Arizona town, making Salome's food truck experience a delightful discovery for all palates.

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Our Whole Dessert food trailer is located at Brenda RV Resort Salome, AZ.
Our menu is hamburger, Phillys, and droissant sandwiches.
For Dessert, strawberry ice cream filled waffle cone, warm crepe, or warm marshmallow cookie cake.
Fruity ice cream with sno ice comes in variety of Coconut, orange, berry, or lemon serve with sno ice.
Peanut butter, chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, oatmeal, and coconut flower cookies are delicious treat.
Freshly squeezed icy lemonade will cool you out this hot summer.
We have some samples to try out for you.  You will be glad you came.  Until then drive safely and see you soon.