Food Trucks in Scranton, PA

Embark on a culinary journey through Scranton, PA's charming food truck retreat! From savory street bites to sweet indulgences, explore the diverse offerings of these pocket-sized mobile kitchens. Uncover local gems as these small-scale food trucks roll into Scranton, delivering unique flavors and creating a delightful dining experience for every palate.

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Twisted Burgerz N Wrapz is giving NEPA a whole new reason to hit the pavement. We are a food truck that puts inventive twists on those all American classics, making for a myriad of handheld delights to tantalize your tastebuds. At Twisted Burgerz N Wrapz, we have those burgerz n wrapz on lock. No really. Here, everything is made fresh to order using only the highest quality ingredients around, with a proprietary blend of seasonings infused into hand pressed beef and chicken burger patties. Translation? These burgers are out of this world delicious. You'll just have to find Twisted Burgerz N Wrapz you won't be disappointed.

Our Truck'N Kitchen Food Truck is available for private parties, corporate recognition events, weddings, fund raisers, and other special occasions.  It is a full service self-contained unit that can provide on-site service of most of the same great food we serve in the restaurant. Sanitized and Covid safe.