Food Trucks in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee's food truck fiesta is a culinary carnival, turning the Capital City into a movable feast. From Southern comfort delights to global fusion bites, these rolling kitchens navigate the Sunshine State's capital, offering a diverse palette of flavors. Savor the eclectic menu, whether craving iconic Florida fare or avant-garde treats. Tallahassee's food trucks redefine street dining with a tropical charm, providing a fusion of local favorites and inventive creations. Discover hidden gems and follow the tempting scents for an immersive tasting experience in the heart of Florida's thriving food truck culture. Join the flavorful procession as these mobile marvels redefine Tallahassee's culinary landscape.

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Food That's Fast, Not Fast Food!

We're mobile. We're fun. We're stocked with the most delicious flavors you've ever tasted!

Burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, huaraches, sopes, tortas, tacos, homemade desserts, and more!

Authentic Oaxacano Mexican Food
Street Taco's & More
Est:  8/2018

Tally Taco is an Authentic Mexican Mobile Food Truck. Providing Tallahassee with the best Tacos and other favorite Mexican Cuisine.

Good news, we’re mobile! Our Sweet Van makes several stops during the week around town. 
Are you looking for something to reward your staff for an awesome first quarter? A school looking for a sweet treat after a volleyball game? Then we’ve got the treat for you!

Ice Cream Cart & Ice Cream Bus
Bring the fun of Lofty Pursuits to your next event! Our portable soda fountain is much more than a standard ice cream cart, it can produce most of our menu on the road. You just have to choose what options we offer for your event.
Our portable soda fountain was converted from an authentic (non-functioning) 1950s-era Schaefer Soda Fountain, originally intended to be installed in an existing restaurant or luncheonette as an "instant soda fountain." The mounts and drains for the soda heads come from a 1940s-era Bastian Blessing soda fountain. The Seltzer is driven by a Firestone tank system from the 1970s, and the root beer is driven by a "Corny" keg system made in the 1970s by the IMI Cornelius Co. It is a unique piece of soda fountain history.
Our ice cream bus (the Scoop Coup) was converted from a short school bus from Tennessee. It has both ice cream and food capabilities.

We are making the neighborhood ice cream truck special again! We also do birthdays, business events, block parties, etc.

We are redefining Mac and Cheese, Tallahassee! Customize your Mac and Cheese experience with the Tally Mac Shack food truck.

Kona Ice is the shaved ice truck that brings a one-of-a-kind, tropical experience to you. Guests can flavor their own Kona Ice on our signature Flavorwave, dance to our island tunes, and enjoy a nutritious and delicious treat.

The Tally Mac Shack, Tallahassee's four-time Best Food Truck winner

The tradition of the Big Easy continues today with the opening of Big Easy Snowballs on North Monroe Street in the heart of Midtown Tallahassee. Big Easy Snowballs has something for everyone with endless different flavors, including succulent cream flavors and sugar-free varieties. The specialty of the house is a "stuffed" snowball - a regular snowball in any flavor stuffed in the middle with French Vanilla soft serve ice cream. Come in to Big Easy Snowballs, get "stuffed" and be happy! Your stomach and your wallet will thank you.

A Taste of Mexico Food 
We are serving now
tacos, quesadillas
Loaded Nachos

MoBi, short for Mobile Bistro, was developed by Viet and Nam Vu, is exactly that. We move all around town, day and night, to bring Tallahassee fresh, affordable, and delicious Street-food. i.e. Tacos, sliders, sandwiches, wings, wraps and much more...

Local food truck in Tallahassee, Fl serving up stellar seafood, wings, burgers and more. 

Our business is to provide u with friendly service and provide your palate with the most Tender Ribs, Moist Chicken(white & dark meat), Juicy Turkey Legs, and Delicious Homemade Sides.

Rustic Eats is a food truck and caterer with a menu of wholesome and mostly organic dishes. 

Come see us soon!