Food Trucks in Torrance, CA

Experience the hidden culinary treasures of Torrance, CA, in its intimate yet dynamic food truck scene. Despite its size, this South Bay city delivers a diverse array of local and global flavors on wheels. From savory bites to sweet delights, Torrance's small but vibrant food trucks promise a big taste adventure for every palate.

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We are a Mobile Coffee Truck. We serve Premuem Espresso Based Drinks (hot or iced), Ice Blended Frappes and Fruit Smoothis

We are a food truck serving new style Japanese Ramen noodles in a portable cup, with meat/Tofu Sauce of your choice, many free healthy sides including veggies and eggs,
seal the cup for you to Shake Well, Mix, and Enjoy!
Our locations are Torrance, Santa Monica, and many other places for events.
Looking for a special something for your special day?
Our motto is to provide “One and Only” experience by consulting with you to customize our service for your needs.
Our past inquires include:
+Custom stickers (preset design ~ full original of your choice)
+Various mix-and-match style food (choice of sauce, meat/Tofu, many free veggies list to pick from!)