Food Trucks in Troy, MI

Savor the diverse flavors of Troy, MI, where a petite but dynamic food truck scene transforms curbside dining into a culinary adventure. Despite its size, Troy's mobile kitchens offer a delightful array of tastes, from gourmet bites to indulgent sweets. Immerse yourself in this intimate community where each food truck is a hidden gem, showcasing the city's commitment to diverse and satisfying street cuisine in a charming and compact landscape. Explore Troy's culinary treasures on wheels, and let your taste buds discover the big flavors in this small, flavorful enclave.

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We offer 3 main products:

NITROGEN ICE CREAM Our ice cream is a magical show on its own, whipped up fresh and frosty right before your eyes with top-notch natural ingredients. Choose from a variety of flavors to complement the atmosphere of your event!

SPECIALTY COFFEE: Elevate your gatherings with our mobile coffee cart experience, offering a bespoke menu tailored to your tastes. Indulge in the velvety smoothness of our signature hand-poured lattes and refreshingly crafted ice beverages. Book us now and let's make your event a caffeinated celebration to remember.

BOBA (BUBBLE TEA) DRINKS: Boba, commonly referred to as bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a delightful drink that originated in Taiwan. Typically, boba comprises a base tea, usually milk tea or fruit tea, mixed with sweetening agents like sugar or syrup. Add a touch of uniqueness to your upcoming event by introducing boba beverages. Our selection includes a range of freshly prepared boba drinks.

We use Fresh, Local, Natural, & Organic Ingredients to create food that you'll love. We deliver & cater locally to your Office, Business, Event or Home. WE ARE LOCATED IN TROY, MI.

Food Truck & Cafe serving a top-notch and innovative menu of vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, soups, sides, and sweets.