Food Trucks in Tyrone, GA

Indulge in the culinary delights of Tyrone, GA, within its cozy yet vibrant food truck scene. Despite its size, Tyrone's mobile kitchens offer a delightful spectrum of flavors, seamlessly blending local ingredients with global inspirations. Perfect for both residents and visitors, the town's modest food truck community promises a unique taste of Georgia's gastronomic creativity on the move. From savory bites to sweet indulgences, explore Tyrone's streets for an authentic and satisfying on-the-go culinary adventure, capturing the essence of this Fayette County gem.

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Hot Panini Sandwiches and More
Cubans / Reubens / Pesto Chicken / Pastrami & Swiss / Beef n Cheddar / Turkey, Bacon, Ranch

Authentic Argentinian empanadas

OPA! Welcome to The Mad Greek, we are so are glad you stopped by! We opened our first truck in 2017 and currently have 2 trucks rolling around Atlanta, Georgia. We are family owned and operated, serving traditional Greek favorites, some with a twist!
You can find us mad Greeks strolling around the city, hanging out at festivals, and catering private and public events. Our food is made with fresh ingredients and a lot of love but we promise- no broken plates! For more information on our weekly events, make sure you keep up with us on our social media. See ya soon!