Food Trucks in Westfield, MA

Savor the flavors of Westfield, MA, in its cozy food truck scene! Despite its size, this town offers a delightful array of mobile kitchens with diverse and delectable bites. From savory sensations to sweet surprises, explore the local gems on wheels that make Westfield's food truck scene a charming destination for unique and tasty experiences.

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Broken Wolf BBQ Old fashioned backyard style BBQ with a wide range of menu items. We offer classics like burgers, hot dogs and fries. Southern food options like Apple and Hickory Smoked Ribs and Homemade Smoked Bacon Cornbread and Fried Chicken and other smoked classics. We offer specialty items including Hawaiian / Korean BBQ. How about a good old fashioned Pig Roast? Maybe a combo? We can adjust the menu to meet your needs. Gluten free choices available. SERVE SAFE & ALLERGEN CERTIFIED FULLY INSURED & BONDED

Spanish/American food trrailer