Food Trucks in Williamsburg, VA

Savor the hidden culinary delights of Williamsburg, VA, where a small yet dynamic food truck scene adds a burst of flavor to this historic city. Despite its size, Williamsburg's mobile kitchens offer a diverse menu, featuring everything from savory street classics to sweet delights on wheels. Immerse yourself in the local charm as you explore these compact yet flavorful gems. Whether you're a resident or a passing food enthusiast, Williamsburg's intimate food truck community promises a delightful journey through the heart of Virginia's distinctive street food offerings.

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We are a family-owned Barbecue joint on wheels. We focus on low 'n slow smoked meats with southern flair. 

Two locals went abroad for 7 years - Now we're back and serving up delicious international cuisine.

We offer100% Beef Nathans Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Spicy Polish Sausage, "Dawg or Hawg Bowls" which are "retro" Frito bowls with Chili and Cheese.

We specialize in Grilled Cheeses Sandwiches and much more! Come visit us and see what all the BARK is about!

We are a Latin-fusion food truck with a focus on modern street tacos and small plates.

We specialize in smoking our food - Food for the soul!

Just a Bald Guy cookin' artisan pies - No hair, just flair!

“Be nice and cook good food.”

Dominion Dogs is Virginia’s go-to for gourmet hot dogs, North Carolina style BBQ, hand-popped kettle corn, and all kinds of American classics from a mobile hot dog cart. For a great new experience in the Old Dominion, check out Dominion Dogs.