Food Trucks in Woodbridge, NJ

Explore the hidden culinary treasures in Woodbridge, NJ's petite food truck scene! From gourmet sandwiches to artisanal desserts, relish the diverse and delightful offerings of these compact mobile kitchens. Uncover local flavors and indulge your palate as these small-scale food trucks bring a world of taste to the heart of Woodbridge, creating a unique dining experience for every food enthusiast.

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Empanada Guy is one of the fastest growing gourmet food trucks and restaurants in the United States. We specialize in empanadas and other traditional Latin dishes. Today, our red trucks can be seen at events all over New Jersey, where the business began in 2012.
At Empanada Guy, our passion, values and goals are based on one thing, the drive to succeed! We are passionate about delivering our guests the highest quality Latin food, all the while, developing our people!

~The Ancient Neapolitan Pizza~
A food truck that caters hand-mixed, naturally leavened Neapolitan pizza to street fairs, parties, and events.
Reinventing pizza delivery in the Woodbridge NJ area.
Order by app or by phone and the wood-fired oven will show up in front of your house to cook your pizza in 60 seconds at 1000 degrees. It's pizza delivery without a cardboard box!