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At, one of our committments is to help you locate and hire the right food truck(s) for your event. For any size or type of occasion, we will gladly provide the right information and assistance to help you pick the proper food truck as well as the correct number of trucks to ensure your successful event.  

You can learn more about our Hire a Truck tool here!

(If you are simply looking to suggest a location that you would like to see food trucks, please go to Suggest a Location)

Keep in mind that for any event of 150 people or fewer you will probably need a budget to secure guaranteed sales or pay a spot fee. In addition food trucks are not likely going to commit to an event if the ratio of vendors to attendees that will be eating is not favorable. Want some tips before you get started? Useful tips! 

Of course if you need additional assistance we are happy to answer any questions to help you.  Just contact us at before you get started!

Time to get rolling! 

Meat'n in the Middle

ex. wedding, fundraiser, corporate event
ex. private home, high school, office park
To prepare for an event, most food trucks will arrive 30-60 minutes prior to the event's start time. In case additional time may be needed to complete special inspections, licenses, or permits, please be sure to communicate those details to the food truck well ahead of the event in order to allow sufficient time for the food truck operator to arrive, set up and meet the additional requirements.
Make your event a success by hiring the proper number of trucks: How Many Food Trucks to Hire? - Useful Tips!
Remember your event will appeal to more mobile food vendors if you set reasonable fees. Useful Tips!
What is the estimated amount that you are prepared to pay the food truck to attend this event.
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Our partners at National Weather Forecasting can offer you weather planning.