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Lea Lana's Bananas

Las Vegas, NV
  • Food truck rental in Las Vegas
    Rent our Banana Cart for Dessert Catering!
  • Our mobile dessert cart at an event
    Catering a Local Las Vegas Event!
  • Banana Squad member at the Banana Cart for a corporate event
    Our Banana Cart Setup at a Corporate Event.
  • Staff member making and handing out banana pops at a corporate event
    Handing out Freshly Made Bananas to Everyone!
  • Banana pop being made with white chocolate topped with Fruity Pebbles
    Choose your toppings!
  • Banana pop dessert being dipped in white chocolate
    White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vegan chocolate options available for our Banana Cart Catering Experience.
  • Staff member operating out of our food truck making desserts to order
    Our food truck style dessert experience is truly one of a Kind!
  • Lea Lana's Bananas - Our banana cart catering setup
    Our Banana Cart fully setup waiting to take orders!
  • Photo of customer eating our banana pop dessert at comic con birthday event we catered to.
    A Happy Customer is a Happy Banana Squad!
  • Our desserts lined up in an assortment of flavors and colors
    An Assortment of Some of our Banana Pop Dessert Flavors.
Type of Food: 
Desserts, Sweets & Treats, Organic/Natural
Type of Vendor: 
Food Cart


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