Little Benny's Kettle Corn

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Little Benny's Kettle Corn
Serving Yucaipa, CA and surrounding areas
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Little Benny's is a Southern California Mobile Concession Company. We attend large and small events including festivals, fairs, sports events, and private parties for corporations in Southern California. We will cater your private party or provide our popcorn in bulk. We are expanding into retail markets in the area! We serve the freshest, tastiest Kettle Corn in Southern California. We also serve Flavored Popcorn, Funnel Cake, Deep Fried Oreo's and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. Great for any event! Our menu includes Kettle Corn, Flavored Corn, Caramel, Cheese, Oreo Cookie, Christmas Blend, Caramel & Apple, Jalapeno & Cheese, Unicorn Drops, Caramel & Cheese blend and more. We serve Funnel Cake and Funnel Cake on a Stick, Deep Fried Oreo's, Pork Rinds, Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade, Cotton Candy, Cinnamon Twists and Duros. Hire us today!