Milkcraft Milktruck

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Milkcraft Milktruck
Serving Fairfield, CT and surrounding areas
Food Type Served:
Ice Cream Desserts

MILKCRAFT and The Milktruck serve all natural small batch chef composed ice cream made with liquid nitrogen for the smoothest texture possible, from the finest and freshest ingredients.
The Bubblecone® is also made fresh to order and is our proprietary Honk Kong waffle formed into a cone for the ice cream. Thousands of Bubbblecones® are served daily in our Fairfield, and West Hartford stores.
Now the MILKTRUCK is bringing this incredible food offering to you!
 The Milktruck will arrive with a uniformed full staff with a manager. 
The MILKTRUCK will arrive approximately 1 hour before serving time to set up and prep for your party.    
We will serve your guests for up to 2 hours.
Our small batch, locally sourced, cow to cone ice cream is made to order on the MILKTRUCK for each and every guest with food grade Liquid Nitrogen. 
To reserve the date, client must accept the contract terms and place a 50% deposit. ​
MILKTRUCK will provide ANY four flavors from our menu.​