Tiki Sam's Pizza

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Tiki Sam's Pizza
Serving Hanover, MI and surrounding areas
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What makes Tiki Sam’s pizza so special?
Since the dawn of civilization, wood-fired ovens have been part of virtually every ancient culture. Once you’ve tasted a Tiki Sam’s pizza, you’ll understand why wood fired pizzas are like no other. Your taste buds will say Mahalo!
●  Better crust —never soggy, always flavorful, puffy, soft and chewy bite after delicious bite
●  Unique taste —fresh toppings and bubbly cheese with a smoky flavor
●  Wikiwiki fast – just 90 seconds in our 900 degree oven! Because of the quick cook time, we can make multiple pizzas quickly for your hungry guests.
●  Fresh-fresh-fresh ingredients
A second generation pizza baker, Tiki Sam is proud to bring Jackson County’s first mobile wood fired pizza oven to your next party or event.
Smoky flavor, fresh toppings and fluffy crust —that’s the Tiki Sam’s wood fired difference.