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Our Boise, ID Visit 10-15-14

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EricW //

View all of the pictures from the visit here!

I have become quite familiar with the food truck scene in Boise, ID.  A few months ago we featured P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon in our Wednesday food truck interview series. And a number of food trucks in Boise use on a daily basis to share where they are Serving Now. I guess I have been a bit of a voyeur when it comes to Boise. I have watched the trucks Check-In, have viewed their Tweets and looked at their locations on Google maps.  But, none of that comes close to visiting a city and the food trucks in person, and having a chance to meet the business owners. And, of course try the food!!!

I know all of that can sound like a lot of fun, and it is! But the primary reason that I visit food trucks is so that I can learn as much as possible about the local mobile food atmosphere and share, in person, all of the tools that has to offer to help make it easier to connect food trucks and the customers that are looking for them as well as promote the food truck industry.

My trip in and out of Boise was brief! I arrived at 11:30 AM and drove directly to Boise High where a group of mobile food vendors were set up in a parking lot serving food to the high school students. It was one of the most remarkable food truck events I have attended. The food trucks were part of the Boise High food summit. Each of the vendors used a basket of produce that was grown in the Community Garden which was managed by the high school. The event itself was quite impressive. You can read more about it here!

After lunch, I made a quick stop to visit Mosaic World Crepes at the Division of Transportation building where they were serving lunch, then went on to a church parking lot to visit another 6 food trucks as they were setting up and opening for a family friendly food truck rally. The next stop was at Payette Brewing, where Shane and Miranda of P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon, and Yvonne from Brown Shuga Sould Food, joined me for a beer and some homemade pasta and tasty food from B-Town Bistro who was also set up, and serving outside. And, the day ended by getting a quick tour of downtown by Miranda and by sharing some poutine at Saint Lawrence Gridiron, a food truck, turned brick and mortar, in downtown Boise, in an area of the downtown district that actually restricts food trucks from operating! Well, there's one way of beating the system! Kinda!

Here is the list of those that I was able to meet in person during during my day in Boise:

View all of the pictures from the visit here!

At we are committed to being the best source for food trucks and food truck customers to find each other by providing locations of food trucks and information about the food truck community. As part of that commitment, we have developed tools and features for food trucks to use to promote and grow their business, and we visit as many cities as we can to meet as many operators and customers as we can. We are dedicated to the food truck industry and their customers. And, bringing them together. 

Now, every time we complete one of our road/food truck trips, having met many wonderful food truckers, eaten an enormous amount of their great food and met so many interesting local people, we will post the trucks that we've had the pleasure to see, being grateful for that opportunity yet regretting the food trucks and people that we have missed!