Food Trucks in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix's food truck scene sets the desert ablaze with a fiery fusion of flavors, igniting taste buds across the Valley of the Sun. From Southwestern sizzlers to globally-inspired creations, these mobile kitchens roam the arid landscape, transforming streets into a culinary playground. Embrace the heat with innovative dishes, whether it's gourmet tacos or cactus-infused delights. Phoenix's food trucks redefine convenience with a spicy twist, offering a diverse menu that reflects the city's culinary melting pot. Discover hidden gems and local favorites curbside, as each truck becomes a portal to the bold and vibrant palette of Phoenix's thriving food truck culture.

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We offer Burgers, Sandwiches, Sliders, Mac & Cheese Bowls, and more!

Family owned and operated. The very best BBQ at a reasonable price. Why, you ask? Because BBQ is an American Birth Right. Enjoy!!! Located Phoenix, AZ

Charlie's Tacos serves up authentic, freshly-made Mexican food and more! Located behind Charlie's Phoenix nightclub!

Down By The Bayou Bistro in Phoenix is a local food truck offering Authentic Creole & Cajun Cuisine that is exciting, tasteful, and amazing. 

Family owned food truck business; bringing delicious gourmet Aussie savory treats, sweet treats, Aussie sodas and coffee to Phoenix, Arizona!
A dynamic father and daughter food truck team supplying specialty Australian coffee, beverages, and food to the Phoenix, Arizona area!

Pitmaster Phil the Grill is server his championship BBQ to the masses.
Phil The Grill BBQ is not your daddy's BBQ.
Phil the Grill is bring that East coast West coast Fusion.
You wont be disappointed!
Phire Up The Grill with Phil The Grill!!!
Pitmaster Award Winning BBQ!

Let us rock you! Our signature RockStar hotdogs headline our menu while our sides, add-ons, and drinks, sing backup to a true rock n roll food experience!

Locally made wieners wrapped with locally made fresh pretzel buns

Mobile food company, providing Nigerian delicacies across the Greater Phoenix Area.

We make anything and everything biscuits! We specialize in traditional biscuits and gravy, along with new and improved biscuit toppings. We also make killer sweet biscuits!

Te best grilled cheese available in the valley of the sun. We cheese to please!

Mobile Food Vending. We cater private events. DM us for quotes. Taking phoenix one pop-up at a time. Mexicanos hustling one taco at a time.

 A small coffee business founded by a big hearted family that believes in over the top service to simply deliver quality locally roasted coffee. 

Come see us soon!

REAL HAWAIIAN SHAVE ICE IN ARIZONA��� Contact us and reserve the #honuhut for your next event, party, luau, community Sweet Stop, etc.

The best flatbread pizza you will ever have. Ever.

Maui Wowi of Phoenix offers rich Hawaiian coffees and delicious smoothies, each with a distinctive Island flavor and character. You simply have to try them to be carried away to your tropical paradise.

Cuties Lemonade and More is a food trailer/truck that serves up a variety of REAL fruit-flavored lemonades in Phoenix, Arizona. Every glass is made-to-order, carefully measured and fully fresh. Hand-selected lemons are freshly squeezed so you know you're getting the real thing. Every liquid fruit retains its genuine flavor, pulp, and seeds; so you can see that it's the real thing! A shake here, and a stir there, ensures the beverage is chilled and that the liquid fruit and fresh lemon juice are mixed to perfection.

The sweetest food truck in the valley of the sun! Serving funnel cakes, ice cream, fresh squeezed lemonade, and corn dogs.

“While others make it hot, we make it sizzle!!” #Randizzles
We are a mobile food truck specializing in gourmet burgers and tacos.

A mobile fry bread food truck specializing in Native American Mexican fused cuisine. Come check out where we are serving our delicious food.

Family food trailer business, serving dishes inspired by Emilia-Romagna and Calabrian Regions of Italy.

Local family owned Mexican food catering business, we do everything fresh and from scratch. Street tacos, Sonoran hot dogs, quesadillas, nachos, snacks and more..

Food Truck serving up amazing hand-breaded seasoned chicken tenders & mouth-watering homemade sauces.

Smokin Frenzy Gourmet Street Eats is a variety gourmet food truck serving the tastiest cuisine from Smoked BBQ, Italian, Mexican, Cajun, to your favorite American dishes and we offer vegan/vegetarian options. Smokin Frenzy is a cut above the rest because we cater to what the consumer wants!

Burgers Amore grills up a variety of beef, chicken, turkey, black bean veggie, and pork burgers as well as crinkle cut, seasoned curly, and sweet potato fries.

From the "City of Brotherly Love" to the "Valley of the Sun" we've brought Philadelphia inspired cheesesteaks to Phoenix! Viva Rocco's!!

ZPotes Salvadoreños Food Truck specializes in serving you "comida cachimbona" (badass, excellent food) from El Salvador and Central America. 

Louisiana Creole Food Truck

Green Chile Love is a food truck located in Phoenix, Arizona and making the rounds in local festivals, corporate lunches, and private events. Our menu features traditional New Mexico and Colorado recipes and some specials created here in Arizona. We have both mild and hot Green Chile made using Hatch Green Chile.

A Maine island girl, along with her very own lobster fishin partner, serving the real deal Maine Lobster from the coast of Maine to the desert southwest!

The newest Fry Bread truck to roll through Arizona serving contemporary fried dough with a Phoenician flair. Have us at your next powwow!

Serving Ice Cream the old fashioned way!
Sweet Treats is a family owned and operated scoop and serve ice cream truck proudly serving all of the award winning classic Thrifty flavors.
Sweet Treats offers affordable prices, quirky flavors, and iconic cylinder-shaped scoops in single-, double- or triple-scoop servings on a delightful sugar, cake, or waffle cone.

Not your grandmas Nachos!

We offer amazing Philly Cheesesteak, Gyros and Steak N Cheese sandwiches.

Q UP BBQ is a gourmet food truck set on blowing people's minds with street food. We do BBQ a little differently, with some flair and fusion. Our #1 priority is to make sure every meal that we serve is the best-tasting food that we can produce.

Groovy grilled cheese, philly cheesesteaks, and burgers are our bag, man! Want a far out experience that's not a drag? Come hang with our happening food truck! PEACE!

Our mission is to simply provide the purest Açaí bowls and real blends in Phoenix, Arizona. We focus on healthy and conscious eating, no sugar added or preservatives. We Love Acai Bolws, and we invite you to love them too...! 

Family owned- we strive for delicious kettle & exceptional customer service!

Lolo's & Papi's Tacos is a family owned business that caters and sells authentic Mexican street tacos. We guarantee freshness with a touch of home cooking.

Buzznbeez Good Food is the buzz around town and you are sure to enjoy a piece of heaven with every bite! Our restaurant on wheels travels all throughout the Phoenix Valley and we do our best to let everyone know where we will be through updates on our facebook, website, twitter and email.  We specialize in private events so please do not hesitate to contact us!!!  

Serving tropical shaved ice from the most unique entertainment vehicle you'll ever see! Who knew an ice cream truck could be so fun? Our one of a kind shaved ice truck will bring the party right to you!

Costantino's Italian Kitchen is an authentic Italian experience on wheels.  We combine our artisanal pasta sauces, slow-cooked with the freshest ingredients, and imported Italian pasta to make savory dishes such as penne with sausage,peppers and onions and fettucine alfredo.  We also serve sub sandwiches, numerous small bites and, for dessert, cannolis!

Our truck is more than just a place to grab lunch & dinner. It is a place that serves the ultimate comfort food.

Elote or corn on the cob is a popular street food,

1968 Chevy Stepvan serving Fresh Baked, Handmade Dessert Pies.

We are a mobile wood fired pizza co. specializing in from scratch personal pies, garlic knots and desserts. Our unique flour blend is inspired by the flavors of old world Napoli and New York City. We look forward to serving you at your next event!

A Hot Dog Revolution

We are a family owned and operated food truck! Serving our Italian stuffed meatball sliders.

Authentic New Orleans food for the Phoenix area on our food truck & in our restaurant!!! Po' Boys, red beans & rice, jambalaya, catfish, shrimp & more!!

Boriken serves Modern Puerto Rican Cuisine, using family heirloom recipes that will leave you a trace mark of the island enchanted bold flavors.

Gourmet food truck specializing in fresh pressed paninis with the freshest ingredients and on locally baked bread. We can also accommodate to your liking for your event.

Come see us soon!

The Sandwich Stand is a local food cart serving up the best sausage, hot dogs and hamburgers in Arizona! We offer only the finest meats and vegtables and can serve in any location thanks to our unique design and capabilites! Book us for your next event or party!

Feeding One Panza at a time!  Taco Showdown champs 2021

The 4 of us decided that we have a love for coffee and wanted to share with everyone our creations. Rebellious Brew is not just a coffee stand but it is a local self-made business for family and friends to come and enjoy our drinks and company. 

Oak Wood-Fire Pizza was started by Chopped Champion Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio and Kyle Hollenbeck both co-owners of Aioli Gourmet Burgers and Catering and Modern Tortilla. Both Kyle and Tom have had a passion for pizza due to Tommy’s Italian upbringing and Kyle’s family being from Chicago. Chef Tommy has been making pizza’s with his family since he was a young boy. Kyle has strong family ties to Chicago, one of the most popular places to get authentic pizza in the world and has also worked at one of the most popular pizza concepts, La Grande Orange here in the valley.

Our goal with this food truck was to bring back the childhood nostalgia of the corndog using high quality real foods. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Phoenix Phreeze Shaved Ice is locally owned and operated by Arizona natives and was started as a way to recapture the excitement we all felt as kids when we heard the ice cream truck, walked to the candy store, or elbowed up to a snack bar. There was nothing like seeing that amazing assortment of sweet treats and knowing that we could choose whatever one we wanted.
With Phoenix Phreeze, you can bring that feeling to your own private party. Whether you want to see your adult guests with red and purple tongues or you want to hear the excitement buzzing from children creating their own flavor combinations, Phoenix Phreeze can help create an amazing party that no guest, young or old, will soon forget.

Filipino Food on Wheels: Bringing you a "Taste of the Philippines!"

We provide delicious Venezuelan Cuisine offering Arepas, Empanadas, Teqeños, etc.  Our food is super authentic and we are excited each time someone new tries our food. Our Arepas and Empanadas are completely 100% Gluten Free!

We're a mobile food truck that first hit the streets in Phoenix, AZ in 2016! We specialize in "build your own" deep-dish skillet cookies! ​First you get to choose your freshly baked cookie.. Next you choose from a variety of our Thrifty flavored ice creams.. And lastly, top off your Scookie with your choice of unlimited toppings! Your Scookie can be as simple or as silly as you'd like .. there's no judgement at this bar !

We have been in Business since 1998.
Contact us for your event!
We have gourmet kettle corn, caramel corn, cheese corn, cinnamon roasted almonds, shaved ice with flavor station for efficiency and frozen lemonade!!

Caribbean style finger food. Our food truck serves delicious food with layers of flavor & love from over 25+ Caribbean countries. 

Authentic street tacos. Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Chicken, Tripa, Cabeza.

Modern Tortilla is up and running, and we’re bringing the best street tacos, burritos, and quesadillas to a street near you with our taco truck in Phoenix! The second project of Chef Tom D’Ambrosio, Modern Tortilla prides itself on mixing southwest culinary roots with classical training; we aim to bring you the very best street tacos in the Valley!
With a wide variety of appetizers to choose from and the ability to create your own taco, you are sure to find the perfect food to suit any taste. We even have crème filled churros and fresh horchata to top off your meal! We offer food trucks in Phoenix, AZ, corporate lunch delivery, and catering.

After 12 years of cooking in Rome, pizzaiolo Oualid has come to Phoenix with his wood-fired pizza oven.

We make cheese taste just like it should, we make it Queso Good!

We are a family-based business, dedicated to providing the best crepes in town!

Trash Panda Vegan is a black owned 100% Vegan Comfort Food Truck in Phoenix, Arizona

Fresh gourmet Mediterranean cuisine serving the valley of the sun! We are always vegan and vegetarian ready! Let us serve you at your next event!

We are a cajun food trailer serving and catering the Phoenix, AZ area. 

Established in 2011, Sweet Magnolia Smokehouse was influenced by the love and tradition of a good Southern cookout. Through years of summer cookouts in Wes